Sunday, April 10, 2011

new things...

pics of the 2 new ranges.
massive floral phase afoot, with a few dreamy foliage images thrown in too.
BRAND NEW! are the hand drawn cloud brooches with matching round and raindrop earrings. so cute. and soon to be available everywhere!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Finders Keepers March Market

Great fun had by all a couple of weekends ago at the 2nd Melbourne Finders Keepers Market. Here are some obligatory shaky over excited happy snaps of the stall I shared with my market buddy Belinda of Brkich.

Check out my new florally range of wooden photographic earrings and also limited edition hand drawn cloud brooches and raindrop earrings that literally flew off the shelves! Apart from the massive cloud brooches, it seems its just me who likes to sport ridiculously large brooches... All the little cute ones disappeared though and were the surprise best seller of the weekend- yipee!

See also a great official market round up on the Finders Keepers website.
Belinda of Brkich did an excellent version too and lovely local maker Simply Phoebe gave us a little shout out in her blog post about the market too (AND she makes great fabric necklaces AND she bought a brooch from me, how nice!)

florally foliage inspiration for new range!

My latest range (one of, more to follow...) was inspired particularly by these 3 images. Arent they lovely, dont you just want to wear them on your ears......?

The first is a gorgeous old floral couch just hanging around on the porch at a country hotel we stayed in (yes I wish I had made them an offer). The next is my big big brother taking a dive in our back garden at home, which in summer at least if always full on florally and green. And also a certain someone honeymooning in the middle of nowhere in Norway, surrounded by leafy texture and moss.