Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pom pom pom's

oh what happy crafty memories. hundreds of tissue paper pom pom's handmade with enthusiasm and a bit of champagne fuelled encouragement. strung up by most excellent (and tall) brother lewis, they decorated the village hall for the apres wedding party.

and then they all came down in a big pom pom pile......

beach huts, melbourne

just scanned in some great pics from the last remaining disposable wedding camera's, many lovely surprises......

Monday, January 18, 2010

starting afresh

meanwhile back at jenhalldesigns HQ things are ticking along. just finished a couple of pieces for the linden postcard show, handed in at 5 to 5 yesterday with the usual last minute wave of panic. all december was busy making hand drawn xmas postcards and presents of course, cushions etc.... but thankfully things have been selling well at grangie and breathing colours and modamuse, especially the new norway series...

'fleather' brooches hurrah

hmmm... having a little blogging trouble, forgotten how this works. the effect is nice tho- lots and lots of 'fleather' brooches from the lovely belinda at brkich. and the one on the bottom middle is mine- hurrah!!! (dont you love swapping!)

beautifully constructed huge wings, with clever and graceful hat-pin broochy bit on the back, super light and easy to wear. i have worn mine twice since i acquired in on sunday at the skirt and shirt market.

well done to belle and brkich and all those lovely empty hangers......!