Wednesday, June 4, 2008

marrakesh bag

it seems all i have been doing is making presents.... you spend the week making lovely things, wrapping and photographing and then you drop them in the post box and say bye bye..... 
it is great giving one- off special gifts, especially imagining someone on the opposite side of the world wearing one of your pieces. ahhh but not the most financially rewarding! and i can never quite bring myself to make more than one of everything, at least not two in a row. 

so this is a bag i made for my lovely friend kirsty. the fabric comes from an unpicked vintage japanese obi, and is strengthened with the original obi's starched lining (mmmm recycling....), the inside features denim coloured linen. the strap (also kimono silk) can be reversed and worn either with the cream pattern or the raw grey silk showing. strangely though it is called the 'marrakesh bag', this is a new style i have started working on based on my favourite ever leather embroidered bag i bought whilst travelling in morocco, which has the same fold over tube shape and is surprisingly practical. 

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